The Plattner Racing Stables

Our direct neighbour to the south, the farm known as Rondeberg flats, was bought by Sabine Plattner from Mark Duckitt in 1998.

5% of the 1200 hectare farm has been developed into a magnificent horse racing stable and facilities for staff and the training of Mrs. Plattner’s horses. The remaining land has been maintained in pristine condition with great care given to nature conservation, an ongoing process under the eagle eye of the conservation manager Andre Beukes. There are stables for 71 horses and housing for 48 grooms who are mainly Xhosa. The horses are exercised twice a day by the grooms on any one of the grass, Visco (rubber) or sand tracks that have been built on the farm. In addition, there is a swimming pool available to exercise horses that are injured.

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By Steyn Marais Reserve Manager

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