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School Environmental Programme


Jakkalsfontein has, once again, offered its environmental educational programme to schools in Darling and the surrounding areas. This programme, designed and presented by Steyn Marais, is interactive with the children participating in teams. This year six groups of children will be taking part . Mr. Jeff de Lille (who runs our normal taxi service) arranges for his 22-seater taxi to collect the children at the school at 8.00 and they are taken back to Darling again after four hours of fun-filled activities and exposure to the environment at Jakkalsfontein. The ages vary from the pre-school children of Klouter Kabouter to Grade 9s. This year the Mamre Road school will be participating for the first time.

Steyn‘s survivor-style programme covers a wide range of subjects, including the basic geology and ecology of the West Coast, currents, tides, green house effect, the archeology and human history of this area. Activities start at the Resort Centre, then move to the beach before returning to the Resort Centre where they try to make fire using two sticks, have a recap on what they were told and then answer questions to find the winning team.

We are so fortunate that Steyn with his enthusiasm is able to reach groups of young people. It is hoped that the need to preserve and protect our environment will take root in the minds of some of these young people. Thank you Steyn for giving of your valuable time and energy to enrich the lives of these pupils.

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